New York Times publishes fake climate data

11/22/2018 08:32 - Posted by Tom van Leeuwen
The New York Times website is running an interactive tool that enables you to check how much hotter your hometown is today, compared to the year when you were born.

Tony Heller tested the tool for the city of Brinkley, Arkansas, with the following surprising results.

First of all, the tool does not give any data prior to 1960, hiding the hot 1930's in the US, as can be seen at the figure at the top of this page. There is no reason for this at all, because older data is readily available.
But it gets worse.

The tool shows a rising number of days above 90F (32°C) while the official NOAA temperature data shows a descending trend. They claim that Brinkley now gets about 77 days per year above ninety degrees F, when in fact the real number has decreased to closer to 50 days per year.

Then they project their rising trend into the future, telling you that the rise is due to CO2. They scare their readers with a very high number of hot days in 2100.

The truth is that a century ago, when CO2 was at 310 ppm, Brinkley had an average of 90 hot days per year. Now, at 410 ppm CO2, that number has droped to an average of 50 days per year.
Then, how can they project a rising trend and blame it on CO2?

They use fake data, then cherrypick the start date hiding the hot past... Their tool is fake!

Why did the warming stop?

The political reports of the IPCC are based on the hypothesis that CO2 is the most important control knob of the Earth's temperature. The problem is that this hypothesis does not correspond at all with the empirical data available to science. Forecasts are made using models that are not capable of 'predicting' the past.

Temperature versus CO2 – the big picture

When discussing “Climate Change” it’s good to have an understanding of how the Earth’s climate has changed in the past. That will give us a reference in order to decide of the current changes are normal or not.

Global temperatures have varied a lot over the last 500 million years. Depending on the timescale used, the current temperature is either cold or hot, so when you want to know the “normal temperature” you’ll have to indicate what timescale you’re using.

The "Green Lungs of the Earth" Myth

This must be the environmental myth with the deepest roots of them all (pun intended). It's compulsory subject matter in public schools around the globe, it's passed from generation to generation and if you dare to question it in public, disbelieve, rejection, jeering and even exclusion from the conversation will be your treat. That's the typical way people react when their beliefs and primary "knowledge" are challenged.

The myth:

Woods, forests and jungles are Earth's "Green Lungs" that generate and produce the oxygen we need to breath and live.

Glacier Logic

Last month, the New York Times website published a page titled "Glaciers Are Retreating. Millions Rely on Their Water." It shows a dramatic image, zooming out of a person walking down a dry glacier bed with the following text:

"In Central Asia, a warming climate is shrinking the Tuyuksu glacier. It’s losing ice every year.

Around the world, vanishing glaciers will mean less water for people and crops in the future."

Climate models

Computer models are something magical. As powerful computers, located at famous universities and authoritative government agencies are involved, model output is often considered to be a substitute for reality.

But it's not.

450 non-warming graphs and papers

Notrickszone presents a collection of 450 peer-reviewed scientific papers that question Global Warming Part 1 / Part 2. The collection contains a representative graphic from each paper. For some of the papers, a short excerpt of the conclusions is added.

Most of the papers have been written after the year 2000. They contain studies from the whole Holocene interglacial, but most of the work concentrates on the last 2,000 years.

Failed predictions

Since the start of the Global Warming scare numerous predictions have been made about all kind of things related to the climate. As this scam is going on for over 30 years now some of those predictions have reached their due date and the time has come to check the results.