Failed predictions

02/08/2019 11:26 - Posted by Tom van Leeuwen
Since the start of the Global Warming scare numerous predictions have been made about all kind of things related to the climate. As this scam is going on for over 30 years now some of those predictions have reached their due date and the time has come to check the results.

Climate author Javier made a convincing collection of the main climate predictions made by alarmists, complete with referenced links to both the original prediction as well as the outcome.

The predictions came from recognized institutions and organizations like the UN, the IPCC, the NASA, the University of East Anglia (of Climategate fame), NOAA, Max Planck Institute and a long etcetera on the following subjects:
  • Warming rate predictions
  • Temperature predictions
  • Winter predictions
  • Snow predictions
  • Precipitation predictions
  • Extreme weather predictions
  • Wildfire predictions
  • Rotation of the Earth predictions
  • Arctic sea ice predictions
  • Polar bear predictions
  • Glacier predictions
  • Sea level predictions
  • Sinking nations predictions
  • Food shortage predictions
  • Climate refugee predictions
  • Climate change casualty predictions
  • Time running out predictions

They're all so-called "experts", they all predicted, published their predictions and failed. And not just a little bit. In some cases the exact opposite happened.
Why are they not held accountable for their failures? And the most important question is: when will we learn not to listen to those "scientists"?

This doesn't look like settled science to me... At all.

And worst of all, our governments are basing their policy on the same flawed models that produced these predictions.

This is a must-read: