450 non-warming graphs and papers

02/08/2019 20:17 - Posted by Tom van Leeuwen
Notrickszone presents a collection of 450 peer-reviewed scientific papers that question Global Warming Part 1 / Part 2. The collection contains a representative graphic from each paper. For some of the papers, a short excerpt of the conclusions is added.

Most of the papers have been written after the year 2000. They contain studies from the whole Holocene interglacial, but most of the work concentrates on the last 2,000 years.

The papers contain data from all over the world: complete hemispheres, continents, regions or countries: North America, South America, China, Pakistan, India, Scandinavia, Greenland, Chile, Brasil, Sweden, Russia, Tibet, The Arctic Ocean, the Alps, the Tropical Pacific etc, etc.

Some papers show the existence of warmer periods before the Industrial Revolution, usually around the year 1000. For studies of the entire Holocene, the maximum is usually 8,000 years ago. Other graphs do not show any warming trend for a particular region, or even a cooling.

When you observe the graphs, it's important to check the time-scale. Most graphs show the present at the right-hand side, but some of them are inverted and show the present at the left.

The complete collection

Some useful abbreviations when studying the graphs

  • AD = Anno Domini
  • CE = Current Era or Common Era
  • BP = Before present
  • ky of kyr = kiloyear (1.000 year)
  • ka = kiloannum (1.000 year)
  • SST = Sea Surface Temperature
  • MAAT = Mean Annual Air Temperature
  • LIA = Little Ice Age
  • MWP = Medieval Warm Period

Preview of the graphical content and evidence