2018 - The year without violent tornados in the US

12/27/2018 17:49 - Posted by Tom van Leeuwen
Climate alarmists, the UN and your government warn us that when CO2 levels go up, more extreme weather events will take place.

And again, they have it all backwards. Despite record high CO2 levels, 2018 is the first year on record without any violent tornados in the United States.

This of course does not mean anything at all, but it is strange that what they are so sure of -and for which they warn us with so much emphasis- doesn't happen, while exactly the opposite does happen. They will not be wrong after all? Or will they?

And it's not just this year. The number of voilent tornados in the United States is steadily declining since 1950, while the CO2 concentration rose a 20% from 350 to 410 ppm.

It really looks like their climate models are not working. At all.

More information: 2018 will be the first year with no violent tornadoes in the United States